Frequently Asked Questions

So what is the process if I find a puppy I want?

We ask all prospective puppy families to fill out an application. The application is simple and is not meant to be intimidating; it just ensures us that the puppy you want will be a good match for your home. You're welcome to specify a puppy you're interested in unless you would rather we choose for you, but not every puppy is suitable for every household. We don't make our puppies available for deposit until their personality is coming through.

With that, puppies are very adaptable to new environments and most can adapt to most situations. There are certain circumstances when a puppy might not be the right fit for a family. Once you are approved, we keep your application on file and you're welcome to put a deposit on a puppy!  

Can we come visit the puppies and choose one?

We no longer allow visitations in the home prior to eight weeks of age. We limit visitors to those individuals that have put a deposit down already. This is to protect our dogs, our family, and our livestock. Part of raising our puppies in the home means that we invite strangers into our home to bring their puppies home. Visitors can track bacteria into the home that can make our dogs and puppies very sick and we take this very seriously. We limit our risks by reducing the amount of traffic in our home.

Once puppies are 8 weeks of age, we are willing to meet in a public place with the puppy you're interested in if you do not want to put down a deposit. However, we do not hold puppies without a deposit. We understand that this is not the same policy that everyone has and not everyone feels comfortable putting down a deposit without seeing a puppy first. For this matter, we encourage you to read our testimonials, visit our Facebook page, and ask questions. However, we are very firm on this policy and do not make exceptions.

Do you ship puppies?

Most puppies are ready to go to their new families between 8-12 weeks of age. This varies depending on the puppy and we will determine the date they are old enough to go home. Puppies that go to local homes may be allowed to leave earlier if they only have to travel a short distance. For puppies that fly, we have a wonderful pet nanny who holds the puppies in the airplane, and we let them go home this way at 10-12 weeks old. We also allow them to fly cargo after 12 weeks of age. Due to the extremely long time they are in a kennel and the high risk for disease, we do not ground ship puppies.

We have flown puppies around the world and had excellent experiences doing so. Flight nanny runs around $400 and cargo runs around $425 within the United States. Outside of the United States is more; contact us for pricing.

Can you put me on your waiting list?

We do not keep waiting lists or notification lists for our puppies, because we don't have many litters and never know what we will have. Likewise, we do not hold puppies without a deposit and we do not accept deposits until around 6 weeks of age, when we know puppies are developing normally. If you are interested in staying up to date on our current litters, you are encouraged to like our Facebook page, where the most current updates are shown.

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