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Because I do not have many adult dogs, it is not common for me to have retired adults available.

I generally have one older (4-7 years old), retired adult available every 1-2 years, and about once a year have a young adult /older puppy who was bought or kept back as breeding stock who didn't end up breeding quality (i.e. too long of a nose, too short of a tail, overly large ears, females that are going to mature under 5 pounds, essence, a perfectly healthy dog that is good enough to be a pet but doesn't meet the quality standards or minimum size I want in a breeding animal), or perhaps a young female who required an emergency c-section and I felt it was in her best interest not to go through it again. They will always be posted when I have one so if it is not posted, then I do not have any available.

Adults will come fixed and up to date on vaccines. They will come with their registration papers and any health testing paperwork and males will have parentage verification testing, if they were used for breeding (note that dogs who were not used for breeding came from health tested parents but usually have not been health tested themselves). If they are still too young to be spayed or neutered (i.e. an older puppy that was deemed not breeding quality), then they may come on a spay/neuter contract and paperwork will be held until proof of spay/neuter.

ALL DOGS REQUIRE AN APPLICATION. I do not sell dogs without knowing about the home they're entering and I want to make sure it is a good fit.

None at this time! Please check back. 

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