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Available Puppies and Retired Adults

When I sell a puppy, I am not just "selling a puppy." I do everything I can to prepare you for the puppy and send you home with a happy, healthy, socialized puppy. My puppies:

1. Are VET CHECKED! I am always amazed by how many breeders don't do this! If there is a major congenital issue, it usually presents by 6 weeks. If there is anything wrong I want to know before I sell you a puppy that will require huge vet bills down the road.

2. Come from health tested parents! Dogs can be extensively tested for health tested for heritable issues, so we health test between 2-3 years old. I have links to health testing results on the Our Dogs page.

3. Are AKC. That is my registry of choice. AKC inspects its kennels (Including mine) and is the only breed organization to do so, holding breeders to a higher standard than other kennels. Only AKC dogs can show at conformation events. AKC is the premier registry in the USA.

4. Will be dewormed and have their first set of shots. This is so important to their health!

5. Live in my kitchen. My kitchen has the most traffic so puppies see people, cats, and other dogs. I only have a few litters a year, so that's how I can do that.

6. Will be started on litter box training. I find this to be easier than pad training and it is very easy to convert them to pad training once they are litter box trained.

7. Will be fully weaned when they go home. I don't pull them off mom and send them home the same day. That is confusing and stressful for puppies in an already stressful situation.

8. Come with a complete puppy care kit (for puppies that don't ship by air). This gives you basically everything you need the first day except for a kennel and water. Plus lots of information if you like to read! (See image!)

9. Have a health guarantee. I really want to sell you a healthy puppy that you love.

Finally, I DO ship. I prefer air transport as I believe it is less stressful and safer than ground transport. I can arrange for flight and have a wonderful pet nanny who holds the puppy in her lap on the plane. Puppies that ship commercially must be at least 12 weeks old within the US, Canada, and Mexico, and 16 weeks intercontinentally.

Enough of that! Let me see puppies!

Please note that most of our updates are done on our Facebook page. You can see lots of pictures of available puppies by linking to our page!

Due to Facebook's policy prohibiting the sales of pets, we are moving all of our sales information off Facebook and back onto our website. We will be updating our Facebook page with pictures for your viewing pleasure only!

AVAILABLE: Black and Tan Male #1

Date of Birth: 8/24/2021

Date I can go home: 11/25/2021

Estimated adult weight: 3.5-4 pounds

Hair coat: Long​

Personality:   This boy is more quiet. He does like to play, but prefers to cuddle. 

Sire: Champion grandsired Tux

Dam: Champion grandsired Pixie

Registration: AKC Limited (pet registration)

Price: $2500 plus isanti county sales tax

Deposit to hold: $537 (includes sales tax)​

Notes: Vet checked October 16. Weighed 24.4 ounces at 11 weeks old. 

Will be vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated, and litter box trained. Dewclaws removed! Health Guarantee! Parents both health tested by Embark and clear of  170+ genetic diseases!

ON HOLD: Black and Tan Female

Date of Birth: 8/24/2021

Date I can go home: 11/16/2021

Estimated adult weight: 3 pounds

Hair coat: Long

Personality:   This is a spontanious and highly energetic girl who loves to give kisses!

Sire: Champion grandsired Tux

Dam: Champion grandsired Pixie

Registration: AKC Limited (pet registration)

Price: HELD

Deposit to hold: HELD

Notes: Vet checked October 16. Weighed 16 ounces at 9 weeks old. 

Will be vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated, and litter box trained. Dewclaws removed! Health Guarantee! Parents both health tested by Embark and clear of  170+ genetic diseases!

Retired Adults / Older Puppies

Please note that because I do not have many adult dogs, it is not common for me to have retired adults available. I generally have one older adult available every 2-3 years, but about once a year have a young adult who was bought or kept back as breeding stock who never got big enough for breeding, or a dog that didn't end up breeding quality, or perhaps a young female who had a hard recovery following c-section and I felt it was in her best interest not to go through it again. They will always be posted when I have one so if it is not posted, then I do not have any available.
Adults will come fixed and with a dental and up to date on vaccines including rabies. They will come with their registration papers and any health testing paperwork and parentage verification testing, if they were used for breeding (note that dogs who were not used for breeding came from health tested parents but usually have not been health tested themselves). If they are still too young to be spayed or neutered (i.e. an older puppy that was deemed not breeding quality), then they may come on a spay/neuter contract and paperwork will be held until proof of spay/neuter.

I do not have an retired adults available at this time. I may have one available in 2022, so check back!

Adult female available

Smooth coat chocolate merle female born 7/2/2020. 

Sasha is a very sweet, family oriented dog. She is super loving and will give you as many kisses as you want. She loved to be held. She is shy of strangers but warms up quickly. 

Sasha is spayed and up to date on her vaccines except rabies (the vet forgot to give her the rabies vaccine at her spay). She is not registered and due to her age and the fact that she is not a breeding dog, she has not been health tested. Her parents were both health tested by her original breeder.

Sasha was not bred by us. She was purchased for our breeding program but we have decided that she is not a suitable breeding candidate. Due to a narrow pelvis, she would have required c sections for every litter and this is not ideal. However, she will make a great pet. 

Sasha would make a great family dog. She is higher energy for a chihuahua and enjoys spending time outside.

Sasha is about 5 pounds. To the best of our knowledge she is healthy, but she does not come with any health guarantees. She was vetted at her spay and the vet did not find anything unusual.

Sasha is potty pad trained, but is not used to having free range of the house and therefore should be supervised when let out and encouraged to go potty often until she is on a regular routine. She is a climber, and can climb out of a pack n' play. She is very good about holding her potty to go outside twice a day if she is on a regular routine, but she should be expected to need time to adapt to a new home and a new schedule. Sasha will occasionally have trouble holding her bladder if she gets very excited, so diapers are not a bad idea either. She is much better about this when she is kept on a regular potty schedule so that her bladder doesn't get too full. Sasha loves going outside when the weather is pleasant. 

An application is required. Sasha's adoption fee is $1200 and she can go home May 14 or later. She will be looking for a home with children no younger than 7 (no children is okay also), and no dogs over 25 pounds.

Applications will be accepted through 9/20 and the most suitable home will be chosen

She can go with Abby for $2500

Adult Female Available


Abby is a 5 year old spayed female. She was one of our wonderful breeding dogs and is now retired and ready for her lifelong family. Abby loves to cuddle and be held and is a very submissive girl. She is a lower energy and quiet dog. She is about 5 pounds, and gets along well with other dogs but is low in dominance. 

Abby is AKC registered and up to date on vaccines but is due for rabies. Because she was a breeding dog, she was genetic health tested and her test results are here. Due to her age she does not come with any health guarantees, but she was vetted and had bloodwork done when she was spayed and there was nothing unusual found at that time.

Abby is not a huge fan of going outside and gets cold easily. She would be happy being an indoor only dog as she doesn't really like going outside and is litter box trained. However, she should be supervised when adapting to a new home as she will not know where her litter box is. 

Abby is one of my very favorite girls and letting her go is hard, but as a breeder it is in her best interest to find her a home where she is not "just a number." If we keep all of our retired breeding dogs, then we become a hoarder, and our dogs become just "one of many," rather than one of a few. For that reason, we are looking for a very, very special home for her, as much as it pains me to let her go! This is one of the hardest parts of being a breeder; letting go of the ones that we really really love.

An application is required for Abby. She is available to a quiet home without children. She is not suitable for a home with dogs over 25 pounds.  Her adoption fee is $1500

Applications will be accepted through 9/20 and the most suitable home will be chosen

She can go with Sasha for $2500

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