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About Us

Who We Are:
We are a small, in-home breeder of quality AKC Chihuahuas. We only have a few litters each year, and our puppies are raised right in the kitchen

Why us?
All of our puppies come with their AKC registration applications, are vetted, come from champion lines, and are started on litter box training when they go home. We health test our parent dogs, also. 

About 20% of our puppies go home with an older sibling...quite an accomplishment!

In addition, because we register our AKC litters, that means that the American Kennel Club comes to perform random, unannounced inspections of our home. We are happy to say that we have passed these and can provide records of the latest inspection. AKC is the ONLY registry in North America that does kennel inspections to make sure that you are not operating a puppy mill, and they ONLY inspect based on registered litters. It is important that as a buyer you demand that sellers only offer AKC registered puppies to ensure that your puppies are coming from reputable breeders who follow the highest standards of care and have the highest quality dogs.


Breeders who offer puppies from other registries cannot be guaranteed to be purebred (AKC requires DNA testing; the others will register a dog based on photos, or even just a statement from the owner saying the dog is a purebred without any photos at all), and breeders who only offer puppies without AKC paperwork are selling puppies from parent dogs that were determined to be "unfit for breeding"  and are not eligible to produce registered litters. The main reason dogs would be determined to be "unfit for breeding" are due either to genetic diseases or conformation flaws (many of which can be passed to offspring). All of our parent dogs have full AKC rights, meaning that they have been determined to be fit for breeding and showing, and are eligible to have registered litters. 

But don't just take our word on it!

Below are a few of our testimonials. Read more on our Facebook page!

"We love our puppy! She is so sweet and just like you described. She fits our family perfectly! Thank you so much. I will be watching for another litter!" --- Deb H., Indiana

"We are so happy with both of our puppies that we got from you. They are well socialized, happy dogs. Thanks again!" --- Mike and Carol, Minnesota

"Phoenix loves her new puppy. Thank you so much." --- Alyssa L., Kentucky

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